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Service Transformation Journeys Programmme team representatives share their Humanly experience:

Agape Trust

"We enjoyed the last six months working with Humanly. We've had every area, every part of the organisation involved. It's really made us look hard at ourselves and how we're going to develop and grow and transform our services so we can sow the seeds we need to so that our services not only blossom in the near future but in the longer term there'll be fruit for people to enjoy and share for better healthier and more enabling good lives."

Paul Revill

CCS Disability Action

"The biggest benefit with Enabling Good Lives is being able to make those connections with other agencies, developing relationships and being inspired, but also feeling equipped to be able to move forward and to engage the community. Because we want to see real change, we want our disabled community to be a part of the community."

Elizabeth Perrone

Vaka Tautua

'The resources we're often looking for are not always in funding and government agencies, that actually, the resources are ourselves as a tool and the way we apply our work and the way that we reach our people, and the way we explore and listen to their stories and what we can offer straight away... This particular course has helped us to look at things differently and really look at that transformation journey for the people we support."

Kristina Sofele


"Now I feel like we've got this great toolbox; I know not all of the tools and resources are relevant for us right now, but I can see in the future that they're there and I can tap into them as I need them."

Victoria Ross

Taikura Trust

"Internally for those of us who have been thinking about enabling good lives for a long time and how we can bring that to life with our colleagues, it's really given us some amazing tools to do that."

Sonia Hawea

IHC/IDEA Services

"It's really changed the value that I see in change management and we've immediately adopted a change process within our organisation."

Elliot Lloyd-Jones


"You guys really showed us how to embed change, which was fantastic. But the biggest benefit of coming here has been the other groups that we're with. They're all different and they do things a little bit differently."

Mel Rice


"The biggest benefit has been the huge amount of reflection that we've been able to do. So we've been able to reflect on our practice, reflect on our systems, reflect on our vision, and then review all those again to make sure they are true to where we felt they were going to be for the future."

Toni Griffiths


"For us locally, it's been really, really valuable and useful being part of something really focused on providers in an essential area, and that kind of 'fellowship' on the journey."

Karen Wilton


"This programme has enabled us to have a targeted approach to service transformation. This has really given us an opportunity to come together as a group and to collaborate with other NGOs, other providers, and form some strong partnerships that will really future-proof the transformation."

Claire Pedley


"The key thing for us is the resources and the support we've had to tie all our work together as we've been working to continuously improve our support and what we offered. For us, it's getting the tools to connect the 'how' with the 'why'."

Carol Sebborn

Ryder Cheshire

"The main benefit for us has been able to really put the Enabling Good Lives into everyday practice and dedicate  it to its own spot; making sure we make the time available and prioritising it as something that simply we need to have on an everyday basis."

Andrea Lucas

A Supported Life

"It's given us the opportunity to come together on all different roles that we have within the organisation, to be able to sit down and talk about who is doing what within this change that we want to happen."



"It's been life-changing, it's been educational, and it just helps to bring a better system for Agape, and it's good for having change for Agape because it gives us a better module for us to have the change that we need."



"The biggest benefits have been the inspiration to bring together a team of people within the organisation that we may not have otherwise thought to bring together."

Arnah Trelease

Te Rori a Mua

"The biggest benefits to our organisation has been revisioning and refocusing on our vision and our values. But also, it's re-alignment for us of our resources, so we're finally starting to see better use of our resources."



"This programme has made me realise that we always need to balance risk with our duty of care and ensure that it is tipped in the right balance."



"There were three main benefits for our team; this programme has brought providers and disabled people together to share their learning, it's provided inspiration and connection with like-minded people, and it's provided us with tools that were easy to use that will assist us on our continued transformation journey."



"It's been a really good way to see, as an organisation (as small as we are), we're actually on the right track... that we're doing what we're supposed to be doing and giving it a nudge every now and again to keep it in the right direction."



"It's been really awesome coming together as a change team and having some tools to work on. It's been really useful to have that space to join together and do things as a team and focus on more strategic 'where we're heading' instead of the day-to-day stuff."



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