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Transforming lives
by transforming service

We have a vision of 'human beings being human, at home, at work and in the community'. 

We believe everyone deserves to feel they are valued as human beings and to experience life being treated with dignity and respect.

So, we created a social enterprise to help build workforce capability in human services. We work with organisations’ teams through facilitation, and individual or group learning journeys and experiences, to support them to improve how they are being of service to the persons they exist to serve.

Humanly works across organisations, and engages and supports teams to explore, assess, understand, and transform how their organisation is being of service, providing easy-to-apply practice and change tools and resources to help implement changes across the strategy, systems and service levels of their organisation.

Great for Organisations


Transform the way your organisation is being of service through intentional learning journeys that inspire and facilitate change.

Great for Groups


Meet organisational outcomes collaboratively through interactive tailored facilitated sessions and learning experiences.

Great for Individuals & Groups


Build capability and grow specific skills through a series of individual and team short learning experiences including coaching.

What's Humanly possible?

Our purpose is to transform lives by transforming service.

Humanly strives to support organisations to enable them to support their teams to transform the way they are of service to their customers, while being human at work, and by doing so they also strengthen their organisational culture.

And most importantly, they transform lives. 

By working with leaders and their teams to co-create solutions that foster wellbeing, quality service delivery, innovation and productivity, resilience and adaptability to change, we are collectively helping to shape environments that humans can thrive in.

Our work is underpinned by several models and theories, including Levels of Work from Judith McMorland and the work and philosophies of Connection Culture from Connection Culture Group.

Supporting teams to enable good lives

In our work in the disability sector, we are supporting organisations to embed sustainable person-directed community-connected practice, with practice-directed business processes and organisational structures, to enable good lives for everyone.

The transformation journey is exemplified by the analogy of the Red Ferrari, where the person is in the driver’s seat of their self-defined good life, and their significant others are in the Red Ferrari journeying with them, and support services are their pit crew and roadside assistance who enable each person to have choice and control in experiencing a meaningful life.

As we have journeyed with multiple participants since 2020, we have come to know that they believe that what will support them to transform how they are being of service, is a well workforce that is connected, self-aware and ready for change, which are natural consequences of working in the Humanly ways - and by implementing simple visual tools such as the ADKAR model from Prosci, and the Humanly Transforming Service Jigsaw.

Nau mai, haere mai – welcome to our space.

Humanly working with you

Humanly’s programmes are designed for organisations in Human Services, to embed sustainable person-directed practice, with practice-directed business processes and organisational structures.

Team Humanly works closely with teams in the disability sector, delivering nationwide programmes for disability support services, placing emphasis on inclusive communities where everyone belongs and all persons having the opportunity to become valued and contributing citizens.

Humanly’s approach can be applied to transform services with customers in mental health services, aged care services, youth justice, business, and government agencies across Aotearoa New Zealand.


"Knowledge, passion and desire."

"As the Disability sector now looks to the future with the establishment of the new Ministry and commitment by government that the enabling good lives approach and philosophies are to be the way we operate, it was critical from my perspective that I needed to be equipped with all the information, tools and strategies to lead Community Living into the future. Although we believed we had started the journey of organisational transformation the ability to join the Humanly training, and reflect, learn and use the tools offered has been of huge value.

As part of the journey with Humanly I was impressed with the knowledge, passion and desire they have to help make a real difference for disabled people and support organisations to understand and actually drive the changes needed. It is great to be able to bounce ideas off Lisa, Nellie and Logan to check our thinking and strategies. An awesome training programme to be involved in, thanks to you all. I know the Board was also impressed with the information session provided to deepen their understanding."

Warren Herring - Chief Executive - Community Living

"Skillful and respectful facilitation."

"A huge and heartfelt thank you for the past 20 weeks – such skilflul and respectful facilitation that really allowed for effective learning.  We also value the generous sharing of tools and I just love it now when I see and hear our staff talking about and using them.  We are developing a great plan that will strengthen and support our organisation through our transformation journey. Your humanly presence came just at the right time! 

I recommend this programme to everyone working in human/social services. It should be mandatory training.    

I am so thankful to have made the connection with you so I'm not saying goodbye as I know our paths will continue to cross."

Wayne Ferguson - Chief Executive - TalkLink Trust

"Tools to use."

"Congratulations on your Humanly initiatives to bring enabling good lives to life for everyone. It was a really good course and people have left feeling inspired to move forward.

Your course helps to think of possibilities and tools to use to move from here and now to the future."

Trisha Benge - Centre Director - McKenzie Centre

"Great energy."

"A big thank you for facilitating our recent strategic review session. Their ability to guide us through the discussion and ensure we were all able to be heard and contribute was really appreciated.

They have great energy which flowed through to our team."

Ellie Wilkinson - Operations Manager - Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust


"Now I feel like we've got this great toolbox; I know not all of the tools and resources are relevant for us right now, but I can see in the future that they're there and I can tap into them as I need them."

Victoria Ross

Taikura Trust

"Internally for those of us who have been thinking about enabling good lives for a long time and how we can bring that to life with our colleagues, it's really given us some amazing tools to do that."

Sonia Hawea

IHC/IDEA Services

"It's really changed the value that I see in change management and we've immediately adopted a change process within our organisation."

Elliot Lloyd-Jones

Social Impact Report

Reading Humanly's Social Impact Report will help you to understand how being human in human services, and supporting wellbeing of our workforce, is a key driver for humanly transforming service.

And an aspiration that we hold as we do our part to drive us closer towards every human experiencing a meaningful life in inclusive communities where everyone belong.

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