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About Us

Humanly is a social enterprise with a double-bottom-line impact:

  • Our everyday transforming service work strengthens the collective culture of the organisations we work with to enable good lives for everyone
  • Our pro-bono facilitation and sponsorship of events strengthens the communities we live in to value diversity, equity and inclusion

Team Humanly

Team Humanly brings a variety of attributes, lived experiences, and skills in inclusion, leadership, business, change, community psychology, facilitation, training, coaching and mentoring. 

Janelle (Nellie) Fisher

Janelle Fisher is Co-founder of Humanly and is a community psychologist with over 30 years of association with the disability sector,
having worked in diverse roles from service delivery, case management, research and development. She has served in leadership and governance roles in various human services, has led change, and is a certified adult teacher. 

Lisa Clausen

Lisa Clausen is Co-founder of Humanly and is a changeologist with over 30 years' business experience, ranging from not-for-profits to multinational corporations. She has led the transformation from charity to social enterprise of a disability support organisation while serving in a leadership role, has held governance roles, and is a certified adult teacher.

Humanly Advisory Team

In lieu of a Board, Humanly has engaged an Advisory Team to support and guide its growth and development as a social enterprise.

The strategy team members support the Humanly Executive Team to lead Humanly’s strategic direction and the service team members support the Humanly Executive Team to co-design Humanly’s resources and content for product offerings. 


Debbie Ward

Kerri Bonner

Dr Garth Bennie

Kim Kaukau

Tania Wilson

Jade Farrar

Richard Dryden

Vashti Crompton

Karen Woodfield

Steve Murray

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